Friday, August 10, 2012

Screw Weigh-In Wednesdays

Okay, weighing in once a week can kiss my ass. Im done obsessing over the number on the scale and my kid broke my scale...more the latter. Yep, that means that as soon as I can afford another scale I will continue weighing myself religiously after every meal. What? The scale is one of my motivators and whips me into shape. I don't care what anybody thinks but I'm a slave for the scale. I may not be posting the weight regularly every single week but ill be giving updates for those of you who want to obsess with me.
Speaking of obsessions, another way I get motivated is by reading Mama Laughlin's Blog
She is funny and honest about her weight loss journey and she is a big reason why I have become so dedicated and determined to lose weight and look good! And guess what! Not only do I effing love her blog, I won a giveaway just for following her and posting a couple o comments!
Yeah she is awesome (and so is her random number generator)! That is it for today folks. Sorry about not being consistent with the blog, but sometimes I have nothing interesting to say. That's that.
Here's a progress pic...

omg! you can see my collarbone again!

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