Wednesday, August 15, 2012

Oh My Word...

      Yay! I just noticed I have a follower!!! Yay tlr_03!! Thanks for following my amateur little blog. At least I know SOMEONE cares enough to subscribe. I promise I'll try to keep it interesting for ya.
      Ive had a pretty normal week so far except for the fact that I dont have a scale! Its effingkilling me!Icant weigh in. But Ive been drinking tons of water and eating less calories so I hope that when I do weigh myself I see a diference. If I dont, Im just going back to eating junk food, drinking Coke, and invest in a HoverRound chair. Dieting is only fun if you're seeing results.
     In other news...I have to say, Im pretty much a loner when it comes to friends. Im usually preocupied with my everyday duty of bing SupermomSuperwife, that I forget I have a social life. So I have found a way to catch up with friends and entertain my kid all at once. All I have to do is call up the friends that have kids the same age as my kid, take the rascals to a movie or to the park, and while theyre poking each othes eyes out, me and the girlfriends gossip about our lives (and about a strangers outfit or hairdo). Its a geat oportunity to catch up on the latest highlights in your life and its always good to know you are not the only one going through a certian situation. For example, I have a friend who also has a 2 year old and we decided to take the boys swimming at a local community pool. While they had fun playing in the water, we discussed our everyday routines and I was also pleasantly surprised that she is currenly going through a weight loss journey as well. It was great to be able to exchange ideas about squeezing in healthy eating and excercise into our days. Before we hit the pool, she invited us over for lunch...and let me tell you... she made the best dressing I have ever tasted! It was baby spinach, chopped ham, provolone cheese, tomato, and almonds. Now, Im not a big fan of spinach, but with that awesome dressing, I couldnt even tell if it was spinach, lettuce or grass. Besides, she told me that spinach leaves are good for the digestive system. You shit like a just fed newborn baby. And that, ladies and germs, is music to my ears cause Im not very regular when it comes to that so I might have to add spinach to my salads more often.
Anyways folks... heres some picture from yesterday at the pool! Have a great Wednesday!

 Oh yea! I forgot to mention my siter-in-law came with us! This is my adorabl niece!


  1. Try drinking spinach smoothies! I have a recipe on my blog, you can't taste the spinach at all - I swear! And I don't usually like vegetables.

  2. Wow! Spinach Smothie, ey? Never have I ever thought of blending my veggies into a yummy smoothie but it sounds like an awesome idea! Is it posted on one of your newer posts? I'll be sure to look out for it. Thanks a bunch!