Monday, December 17, 2012

Mommy & Me Monday

This week has not been normal at all! We went to El Paso and my husband's hometown in Mexico last Tuesday. Needless to say I didn't stick to my healthy eating and exercise. So I can't wait till tomorrow to get back on track with the gym. Since we came back from out of town on Friday we went to a birthday party at Mr Gattis, went out dancing and got shitfaced, went to Mom's and had some home made cooking, so the WHOLE week was a disaster, dietwise. But you can't keep beating yourself up for things you can't change. I cleaned my slate clean last night and I'm starting fresh again.

They made me drink.
Today is Mommy & Me Monday so Im going to update you on the little guy:

- Finished his centerpieces for his birthday party.

Bought the pails, ribbon, marbles, and dowels at Hobby Lobby. The paper plates are from Birday Express.

- We are currently trying to teach him to write the letter A. (All he does is draw circles and squiggles though.)
- STILL haven't bought him his Christmas present...Any ideas on the latest toddler toys?
- His grandparents and aunts from Mexico gave him more candy in 4 days than I have given him in his lifetime.  :0

Adryan with two of his aunts.

- Also, his grandpa was trying to reach him how to rope cattle! Too cute!

- I gave him sliced pear for the first time, and for some reason he calls it cheese. I have no idea why.
That's an update on Adryan.

Changing the subject, I designed our Christmas card but still haven't gotten around to printing them. I may just have to email them this year! It's just not the same though!! I better get to it!

Happy Monday!

Wednesday, December 5, 2012

Gym Problems & More News

Usually, when I go to the gym I am by myself in the women's area and I can sing along to the music in my headphones and maybe even throw in some John Travolta moves in front of the mirror. Taking pics while working out is not awkward because, who is there to judge me? But then there's days when the two elderly women are there...sweet as can be, but annoying as fuck. They talk to me while I have my headphones in. Most.annoying.thing.ever! And not to mention they break my concentration and it makes my trip to the gym worthless. I smile at them and try to be as polite as possible, but damnet, on the inside I just want to tell them to shut the eff up. This happened to me today for the first 20 minutes of my workout and I was so glad when it was time for little old grandmas medication. Don't get me wrong, I like to meet new people and talk about random stuff, but not when I'm in my zone at the gym. My headphones clearly mean "Don't bother me, I'm busy." Sheesh.

Also, today was leg day and I swear I'm going to need a walker before the day is over. Maybe I can ask one of the little old ladies if I can borrow one.

In other news, my little man has been ill this week. Fever, cough, runny nose, vomit, the whole nine yards. I've been giving him Pedialite and soups cause he can hardly keep anything down. Poor baby, I miss getting on to him for jumping on the bed or not putting up his toys. I'm hoping he gets better by Saturday cause it's my niece's first birthday. I would hate to see him missing out on the fun. Fingers crossed!

Yesterday I forgot to post about our trip to Starlight Village in Odessa last Friday. Its our yealy tradition during the holidays. Basically they string up lights and wires inside a park to make Christmas figures and the sight is breathtaking aftrer dark! (Dr Seuss much...) Anyways, this is the first year that Little Adryan gets into the spirit of things. In the past, he jut enjoys the ride through the park in his stroller. This time though, he got outof his stroller, ohhed, ahhed, and pointed out the lights. It was way too cute, and worth our trip.

Oh! Last thing I promise! We I put up the Christmas tree a few days before Thanksgiving (dont judge me). It was the 1st time I used mesh to wrap around the tree and I gotta say it looks awesomesauce! Heres a couple of pics of the tree. Nothing fancy, but definitely festive.

Tuesday, December 4, 2012


So I haven't blogged in a while but I can't seem to get a post together that makes sense... (At least to my readers, cause I know exactly what I mean even though I may seem like I only finished 8 th grade with my sucky grammar and writing skills). Anywho, I thought I would update all of my 3 readers on what's been going down since my last post.

My Thanksgiving went just as expected. I always get stuck saying grace cause apparently no one else can say thanks to God for a warm meal. After grace, this is pretty much what happened: No counting calories, no watching what went in my mouth, managing to get up for seconds even though I was full about halfway through my first, drinking straight shots of tequila, dancing in my chair, yelling singing at the top of my lungs, then passing out face down at around 11 pm. Didn't even make it to midnight. Sounds exciting huh? This year we spent the whole day at my in-laws because my parents are too cool for Thanksgiving and they took off on a road trip hitting Ruidoso, the Grand Canyon and Vegas. This was something new to me cause they've never been away during the holidays. But I survived, drowning in shots of tequila.
Our beautful little family on Thanksgiving.
Weight Update
It's been about a month and my weight has stayed pretty much the same. I might gain or lose a pound or two but pretty much the scale is stuck on 195 lbs. What the hell is going on? That's a good question cause I don't really know the answer. All I know is that my routine is solid. Still getting up at the wee hours of the morning 4 times a week, still trying to eat somewhat healthy, still determined. So I don't get it. Gotta keep it going though. One day I'll get over this damn hump.

Mustache Bash
My little man is turning 3 next month so I am in full party mode. His theme this year is the famous "Mustache Bash" and I'm using red, aqua, and black as my color scheme. This is his first official birthday party. His two other birthdays were at Mr Gatti's (one planned and in a party room, the other just kinda happened while we took him out to eat there- he loves pizza). I say first OFFICIAL because I felt pressured for time on his first birthday. They only give you two hours! Also, the decor was minimal. They don't let you put anything on the walls, so he didn't have a set theme. This year is the first time I feel somewhat in control of every detail. The food, decor, entertainment, invitations (which I made of course). Let's all bow our heads and pray its not a disaster. Amen.
I will somehow be incorporating this pic as a centerpeice on the tables.

Baby it's cold outside...not.
It's December and it getting closer to Christmas and its as hot as July! Ok I exaggerate, but it is in the high 60s, mid 70s. What the heck? Strange times my friends... But hey, it IS Texas. I wouldn't expect anything less from you oh friendly state. I think we should change the saying "Everything's bigger in Texas" to "Everything's hotter in Texas." Geeze. So that about sums up what's been going on around these parts of town.

Mama Laughlin's Pay It Forward
Also if you havent checked out Mama Laughlin's Blog lately, she and two friends are doing a great deed for the holidays. Just make sure to grab a tissue or two before reading the stories! And of course, if you or ayone you know i.e. your boss can help these people in any way, please do! Anyways, full deets on Mama Laughlin's blog!

Thursday, November 8, 2012

Dreading the Holidays

With the holidays coming up, I'm very nervous about relapsing into my old eating habits. I'm hoping that with all this newfound confidence in myself makes me stop and think twice about going for seconds. I've messed up quite a bit before, but I always manage to dust myself off and start fresh. Right now I'm working on staying on track on the weekends. I swear, every single weekend consists of drinking booze or eating out, which equals going over my calorie limits. I guess the most important thing is realizing that I'm gonna make mistakes so I have to get past them and learn. But I still ask myself where I would be now, weight-wise, if I just hadn't been screwing up every weekend. Then again I would rather be struggling down the scale then not doing a single thing about it and still be at my heaviest weight. So, that being said, bring on the Turkey and trimmings, the Menudo, tamales, and sweets. If I mess up, it's all about picking myself up from my fall.

Weight update: 197

Tuesday, October 23, 2012

30 lb Loss Victory!!

So I weighed myself this morning at the gym before my workout and I am right at 200!!! That means all in all I've lost 30 lbs! I am so proud of myself and happy that the results are coming! Today I had a relative ask me for advice and how I started my journey. I gotta tell you it felt awesome for someone to look to me for inspiration. So I broke it down for her. At least its what works for me:
- count your calories!
I can't stress enough how much counting calories has done for me. It has openend my eyes and allowed me to stay at my calorie goals each day. To be honest I don't do it as often as I used to when I first started, but I think its because I'm starting to rock at portion control.
- drink tons of water
Water and I used to not get along so much but ever since I gave up everything but water and 1% milk (ok and alcoholic beverages occasionally), I really don't have a choice. I suck it up and drink about 6 16oz water bottles a day. And honestly its begining to grow in me. Of course the benefits are a plus.
- work out!!
working out is an essential part of losing weight but you gotta find what workouts you enjoy and what you feel comfortable with. Some like to walk/jog, others like the Zumba craze, others enjoy bicycling, etc. My thing right now is the CrossRamp elliptical. I set it on #7 (that's the interval preset) for about 40 mins and I can burn up to 450 cals! The remaining 15 to 20 mins I incorporate weight training and about 100 crunches on the crunch machine. That's what works for me.
- have breakfast
Don't ever skip breakfast. As cliche as it sounds, it is the most important meal of the day. It helps kick start your metabolism. Choose your meals wisely though. A McBiscuit does not help with the weight loss process. If you find youself running tight on time in the mornings just blend up a shake. A cup of Greek yogurt, some milk, and your favorite fruit thrown into the blender should suffice. No need to get all Betty Crocker on a weekday morning.
- no fast food!
This one was a hard one to let go of for me cause I was a SonicWhataburgerKingTacoVilla freak. Seriously. It took all I had not to stop at one of these fast food places while I was out running errands. Occasionally I will have me some Chik-Fil-A. What? I'm only human. Moderation is key!
- You seriously have to want it.
Last, I truly believe that you have to be ready for a change. It's kinda like when a person decides to devote themselves to God and step away from all vices. It's like that but with your eating habits. You have to understand its not a temporary diet. It's a way of living. You have to give it your all and I can bet you will see results. Yes you will have your down days when you don't feel like you will ever lose the weight or you just want to give in to that bag of chips. We all do. Were only human. But we have to get ourselves together and remember the battle we are fighting. It takes 4 weeks for YOu to notice a change, 8 weeks for friends and family to notice, and 12 weeks for the rest of the world to notice. Don't give up.

Tuesday, October 16, 2012

The Weekend and the Weeks Ahead.

I had an awesome weekend yall. I'm very excited cause we are finally starting with some home renovations we had been putting off for a while. We are working on the laundry room and guest bathroom. What I do hate is all the dust flying around everywhere and making itself onto the fixtures and furniture. It's a drag but I just keep my focus on the end result and know it will all be worth it once we are done. Also, I can't complain about being blessed with having a home I can call all mine and be able to renovate to my liking. There is so many people currently living in RVs, with family, storage units, and even camping tents here in the city right now because of the work boom, or simply cause they have nowhere else to go.
Changing the subject to a totally different matter, this week I have to give the deposit for the place I'm having my big boy's birthday parry at. It's in January but time flies and it'll be here before I know it. I can't believe he is already turning three. Gah, it really doesn't feel that long since the day he was born. And speaking of time going by fast, next weekend is my 5 year marriage anniversary! I'm very happy with my life right now and I wouldn't have it any other way.
Weighed myself today: 203 lbs. Getting close to those 100s!
Have an awesome Tuesday!

Friday, October 12, 2012

Haters, don't hold your breath.

Like I've mentioned before, I get tons of support from my hubby, but the rest of my immediate family and friends are also very happy with my recent transformations. As for others who I thought were friends or "family" I can't help but sense a wave of jealousy. And I may be wrong but I feel like some of these people are only waiting for me to fail. Some look me up and down and only ask, " So are you still going to the gym?" Or "You're STILL on that diet?!" (By the way I hate the "d" word. Some people don't understand its become my lifestyle) Instead of saying stuff like "You look great!" Or "I'm proud of you!" I can just feel the stares. And its uncomfortable because I want to feel reasured. I want them to praise me. Is that too much to ask? But I let them stare and wait for me to fail. I just hope they're not holding their breath cause I'm in it for the long run. Sure I may have my bad days or weeks but I know I will eventually get back on track and that my body can do whatever my brain wants it to do. I'm going to do this, with or without the haters.

Have an awesome Saturday!

Thursday, October 11, 2012

Instagram saved my life.

I sit back and wonder sometimes what it is that keeps me motivated to keep making healthy decisions and what has really brought me to where I am today. And honestly I have to say that Instagram has truly played a big part in my life and has changed my mindset completely about accomplishing weight goals. Especially for an average gal like me. Everyday that I log into my Instagram account I see progress pictures, healthy recipes, and motivational quotes from other girls that have been through or are currently going through a weight loss journey. I try to "Follow" other women who work out and eat healthy to keep my motivation on point. I owe a lot of these women my sucxess, and many of them don't even know I exist, but they are a big part of this stage in my life. I remember when I used to see "Before and After" pics and wished someday I could accomplish something so grand. But I only wished, and never did absolutely nothing about it. And now, I'm actually becoming a success story. Little by little with the help of an app on my phone! I wish I could thank each and every person that I've come across on Instagram personally. They have pushed me a little farther, just by looking at their pictures and reading their stories. Blessings and miracles come in the strangest ways, and I truly believe Instagram couldn't have come into my life at a better time. These people on this app were put in my path for a reason, and I'm taking it and running with it. So to those of you I follow and happen to come across my blog...Thank You. You have done much more than you know.

My breaking point.

I started my weight loss journey April 30, 2012 (and I remember the date cause its when I truly felt I hit rock bottom). It was a Monday and that Sunday before, we had been playing softball at the park (me at 230 lbs, mind you), and I remember feeling embarrased to run to the bases cause everything jiggled and I felt too tired to even swing the bat. That night, my hubbs suggested I join the gym and I burst into tears. Not because I was upset with him(we had been having that discussion very often those days) but because I felt it was my breaking point. That's the day I truly realized it wasn't fair to me or my hubby for "Skinny Me" to be hiding under all those layers of fat. And it sure wasn't where I needed to be. When my hubby met me I was a mere 150 ish lbs. That's when he fell in love with me, not only physically but with the personality and confidence that a thinner me oozed with. So the next day I joined the gym. I remember getting on the treadmill for 10 minutes and feeling completely drained out. I was ashamed with myself and how far I had let myself come. Some days I even felt like just giving up and going back to my selfish habits of eating and drinking whatever unhealthy things I could get my hands on. But then my thoughts would go back to that Sunday night.
So far I have lost about 25 lbs- almost to my 30 lb mini goal yall! I can tell you that evenvthough I'm still a little over 200 lbs, I can feel a change in many things that I missed out on or didn't care for when I was heavier. For instance, shopping for clothes is fun again. For a long time it wasn't that great cause I dreaded that those size 18s would start getting tight and I would have to move up to a 20! And honestly, nothing even looked flattering on my body anymore. Also, I do my hair and get dressed up during the week for the hubbs- Something that had gone down the drain before I started to lose weight. I lived in oversized tee shirts and my hair up in a bun. Another change is my confidence levels when we go out in public are getting back to how they once were. Before I started losing weight, when the hubby wanted to go out dancing or to a dinner and a movie I would immediately squash the idea by saying I didn't have anything to wear, which was in part true, but really because I felt ashamed and embarrased for HIM to be seen with me. He has always been very thin and my self esteem shattered when we'd be out in public and people would give us weird looks. Sometimes I felt people thought we were little brother and big sister or something far from the couple we are.
Through all of this, my husband has never made rude remarks about my weight, even though he may say them in hid head, he has never bashed me to my face, but he does push me to keep going on my low days. He tells me to not give up and I am truly appreciative of his cheering me on. I feel like our relationship is the remains of a house after a fire, and little by little we are mending every room one by one and salvaging everything we can. I owe my husband a lot and I'm thankful that he is behind me every step of the way. The good and the bad. Because of him I'm finding myself again. And that's what he deserves...His wife that he fell in love with, not the one who let herself go and is always in a sour mood cause she has let her weight take control of her life.

Te amo mi amor. Esto es solo el comienzo De nuestro cuento de Adas.

I love you my love. This is only the beginning of our Happily Ever After.

Tuesday, September 25, 2012

New Goals

So I gathered the courage to get on the scale and to my PLEASANT surprise I'm down to 208! That's 22 pounds off my body! I seriously thought it was gonna read like 215 or something but maybe my body is finally getting ovwr the little snag it was going through! U sure do hope so! And I'm also excited that I burned around 520 calories under an hour!! Go me!! To me its a big deal cause I could never get over 500 but this morning there was nothing stopping me! I did 35 minutes of intervals on the elliptical and 10 cool down walk on the treadmill. When I was done with my workout I felt pretty damn good about myself. Hoping to continue to see the number on the scale go down. I'm gonna make it a goal to be under 200 by Halloween morning. Should be a piece of cake right?! Mmmmmm, cake!

Monday, September 24, 2012

A pound here, a pound there. Shame.

Hey everyone! Just thought I'd check in since I've been MIA for the past few weeks, and let you guys know how I'm doing. Im still hitting the gym Tuesday thru Friday at 4AM. Doing about 50 minutes of cardio and 10 of vague weight training. But something strange happened about two weeks ago that made me wanna cry a little. I gained 3 pounds. Just like that. Did I change my exercise outine? No. Did I change my eating habits? Slightly, but not enough to make me gain those horrifying three pounds! So what happened? I guess this is what theyre talking about when I hear or see someone sy or post that they are going through a "plataeu". I guess its when your body gets used to all the positive things youre changing in your body. So then that means I better train harder if I want to start seeing that scale budge down again. At times I get discouraged cause I feel like when I workout I already give it my all and that there is no possible way to try harder, therefore I feel like Im never going to reach my goal weight. Has anyone been through this stage? Honestly, thats why Ive been putting off getting on the scale altogether. I havent stepped on that devil since the day I gained those stupid pounds. It was kind of a shock and I sure wasnt expecting it. Kind of like a stab in the back from a "best friend". Ugh. So tomorrow my work out sessions begin once again and Im finally gonna face the music and see if maybe, just maybe Ive lost some weight. *Crosses Fingers*. If not, I will just have to let it be whatever number it has to be, and I will just have to suck it up and change up my routines and watch every single thing thats going in my mouth. Ive gotten too far to just stop now and gain those 20 lbs in a matter of days by going back to my old ways. Im not having it! Okay hoochies... my whining stops here.
On a more positive note I bought new jeans this weekend cause my old jeans were fitting loose. Yup, I went and bought my size 14s! I was super excited in the dressing room, doing the happy dance and all! Here are some pics of what youve missed since Ive been gone...

Pinterest inspired nails! Welcome Fall!

Oh, and just FYI... most of these pics are posted daily on my Instagram if youre not already following me, go do it! username is: yayamota01. Happy blogging biotchesss!