Friday, July 27, 2012

I'm Back!

So sorry for not reporting this week, just getting back on track from being on vacation ( a very much needed one at that). Needless to say I've done no weighing in or limited my calories just like I promised I wouldnt. So I'm pretty much too scared to creep up on the scale. I haven't been to the gym either which is just peachy, even though I've been doing some endurance excercises every day like jumping jacks, crunches, etc. I really hope its been helping some.
Our little vay-cay was very fun and eventful. We went to the Riverwalk, the Alamo, Sea World, Market Square, San Antonio Zoo, and we even drove up to San Marcos to the outlets where I scored me a couple of Coach bags and stocked my little one up on my favorite classic Polo tees. The climate, however, was terrible! Hot and humid all at once! But we made it out alive and are now safely home. Now I just gotta jump back on my workout train.
I'll post some pics of our getaway.

Wednesday, July 18, 2012

Weigh in Wednesday

Honestly, this morning I was a bit anxious to see the number on the scale. I wanted to know if those little changes here and there have made a diference. Aperantly, I've been doing something that my body is responding positively to. Now, I know my weight fluctuates every now and then but I was pleasantly surprised to see the scale read 223! 3 lbs lighter!! Or that may just mean that the day I weighed myself last week I must have been retaining more water than usual or I may have been bloated ( it WAS that time of the month). Regardless, today's number made me very happy! I hope I can at least maintain the weight during our vacation. I will be happy just as long as the number stays the same cause quite frankly I won't be counting calories or doing  anything diet-y. This girl wants big tall margaritas on the riverwalk and lots of chips, salsa & queso. I've been preparing myself by working out extra hard and sweating twice as much so we will see what my magic number will be next week. For now, I better get to packing our bags! Blog you later bitches!!!!

P.s. this here is a picture of me and my hubby right before I started working out. Told you he was thin...and that I look like a big fat heffer next to him!

Tuesday, July 17, 2012

Typical Tuesday

Here's to the bitches who  read my blog but don't subscribe! Thanks for taking a little time to read my blog. And I know there's some out there according to my Blog View Counter. So anyways, today was just another Tuesday. I went to my morning zumba class. I'm comfortable enough to say its a part of my life now after 3 months of going at least twice a week. And when I do it, its such a great feeling of accomplishment and I have yet to regret a session. The feeling of empowerment after a workout is so rewarding, I don't know if there's a feeling that can compare.
So, I have the excercise down, I just need to find an eating plan that works for me. Does anybody have any tips they might want to share about the way they stay on track? Any advice is greatly appreciated.

I found this little poem about stretch marks today... Made me all tingly inside! Enjoy!

Monday, July 16, 2012

Monday Madness

Hello ya'll! And when I say "yall" I really mean "me" since I have no followers! Anyways, I had a pretty relaxed weekend. I tried to be good and regulate my calorie intake but um, wasn't all that successful at it. And to make matters worse, I didn't go to zumba today cause my pillow grew arms and wouldn't let me get up. So, I'm going on a mini vacation this weekend to San Antonio and guess what I got in the mail? Jury duty on the day I'm supposed to get back from vacation!! So today I went to the courthouse and claimed an exemption, and just like that I'm off the hook (for now). Also, I went to Hobby Lobby cause over the weekend a friend posted a deco mesh wreath on her Instagram and I fell in love!! So I looked at a couple of tutorials online to see how to make them and guess what... I made my very own, very first deco mesh wreath! I have a ways to go to make them look all pretty and full but hey I thought it looked pretty damn good for my first try!!

Pretty cute huh?? Yea I know its a bit lopsided but dont get on my case!! Like I said its my first one! I can only get better from here!
Anyways, here is a few pics from my weekend...
 Me and my little one!
Aliyah (my neice) and Adryan (my son)

More of me since i havent posted any pics of myself since i started the blog last week. So at least now you have an idea of who I am and a little bit more of my offline life. Enjoy! And have a happy Monday!

Wednesday, July 11, 2012

Weigh-in Wednesday.

My first official Weigh in is today and I'm so nervous to post my weight for the whole world to see. This has always been a subject I avoid. But Im hoping this will one day be a number I can look back at and say, " Wow! I can't believe I went from THAT to THIS!" So here goes nothing... Current weight: 226 lbs. That's a whopping number! On a lighter note... litteraly, went to Zumba class this morning and was inspired by the instructor who says that she has lost a total of 110 lbs within a year and a half!!! wow! So I'm determined to work hard to get into shape. I guess its true what they say. " if it were easy, everyone would do it." My weak point though is dinner time. I can do good all day and eat right but as soon as dinner time rolls around, I want to make a fattening meal for my husband in appreciation for working hard all day. So he is greeted by a hot, calorific meal that not only does he enjoy, but I also don't mind. How can I beat temptation? Soft tacos for dinner tonight! ...See what I mean?! Help!

Tuesday, July 10, 2012

It all has to start somewhere.

And so my journey starts here. I won't post my weight till tomorrow. Wednesdays will be my official Weigh-in Wednesdays. But I will tell you I'm well over 200 pounds. Ugh that sounds terrible but I'm here to be honest with myself and with the rest of the bloggiverse. Weight has always been somewhat of an issue with me but it has gotten to its boiling point this past year. I gained about 40 pounds with my pregnancy, but my son is now two and a half and I can no longer use him as an excuse. If that weren't enough, I've probably added an extra 10-15 lbs without anybody's help. To top it all off with fucking whipped cream and a cherry, my husband was blessed with "lean genes" so next to him I look twice as bad. I don't really have a plan as to how I'm going to lose all this extra weight, but I do know that my goal is 170 lbs and to be a size 8. I forgot to mention I'm tall (5'9) and that's probably around the weight and size I should be without looking like I'm on crack. I'm currently wearing a size 14 or 16 depending on the fit. I want to try to start eating healthy, no fad diets and maybe squeeze more weekdays in the gym. Anyone have any good ways to lose weight and keep it off? Any success stories to help me get motivated?