Wednesday, August 22, 2012

Can't lie to myself.

Party dress dilemma solved! I found the cutest dresses in the last place I thought I would find them! Target. They're really cute, don't ride up my ass, and actually show off my body in a good way! And the best news.... Goodbye size 16 for good! Lord please don't ever let me hit that nasty number ever again. Now, to work myself down into a 6. That's my goal. Sigh.
Anywho, went on a walk last night and according to this new app I downloaded onto my phone, Fitness Pal, I burned 320 cals approximately. Also, the app is helping me count my calories. I used to not like calorie counters cause I would forget to put in what I ate. Or if I was ashamed of something I snacked on (like a Twinkie) I wouldn't write it in. But now I've realized that by doing that I was only lying to myself. As the saying goes, "You wear in public what you eat in private." So I'm being completely honest with the calculator this time. For my own good.

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