Thursday, November 8, 2012

Dreading the Holidays

With the holidays coming up, I'm very nervous about relapsing into my old eating habits. I'm hoping that with all this newfound confidence in myself makes me stop and think twice about going for seconds. I've messed up quite a bit before, but I always manage to dust myself off and start fresh. Right now I'm working on staying on track on the weekends. I swear, every single weekend consists of drinking booze or eating out, which equals going over my calorie limits. I guess the most important thing is realizing that I'm gonna make mistakes so I have to get past them and learn. But I still ask myself where I would be now, weight-wise, if I just hadn't been screwing up every weekend. Then again I would rather be struggling down the scale then not doing a single thing about it and still be at my heaviest weight. So, that being said, bring on the Turkey and trimmings, the Menudo, tamales, and sweets. If I mess up, it's all about picking myself up from my fall.

Weight update: 197

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