Monday, September 24, 2012

A pound here, a pound there. Shame.

Hey everyone! Just thought I'd check in since I've been MIA for the past few weeks, and let you guys know how I'm doing. Im still hitting the gym Tuesday thru Friday at 4AM. Doing about 50 minutes of cardio and 10 of vague weight training. But something strange happened about two weeks ago that made me wanna cry a little. I gained 3 pounds. Just like that. Did I change my exercise outine? No. Did I change my eating habits? Slightly, but not enough to make me gain those horrifying three pounds! So what happened? I guess this is what theyre talking about when I hear or see someone sy or post that they are going through a "plataeu". I guess its when your body gets used to all the positive things youre changing in your body. So then that means I better train harder if I want to start seeing that scale budge down again. At times I get discouraged cause I feel like when I workout I already give it my all and that there is no possible way to try harder, therefore I feel like Im never going to reach my goal weight. Has anyone been through this stage? Honestly, thats why Ive been putting off getting on the scale altogether. I havent stepped on that devil since the day I gained those stupid pounds. It was kind of a shock and I sure wasnt expecting it. Kind of like a stab in the back from a "best friend". Ugh. So tomorrow my work out sessions begin once again and Im finally gonna face the music and see if maybe, just maybe Ive lost some weight. *Crosses Fingers*. If not, I will just have to let it be whatever number it has to be, and I will just have to suck it up and change up my routines and watch every single thing thats going in my mouth. Ive gotten too far to just stop now and gain those 20 lbs in a matter of days by going back to my old ways. Im not having it! Okay hoochies... my whining stops here.
On a more positive note I bought new jeans this weekend cause my old jeans were fitting loose. Yup, I went and bought my size 14s! I was super excited in the dressing room, doing the happy dance and all! Here are some pics of what youve missed since Ive been gone...

Pinterest inspired nails! Welcome Fall!

Oh, and just FYI... most of these pics are posted daily on my Instagram if youre not already following me, go do it! username is: yayamota01. Happy blogging biotchesss!

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