Monday, December 17, 2012

Mommy & Me Monday

This week has not been normal at all! We went to El Paso and my husband's hometown in Mexico last Tuesday. Needless to say I didn't stick to my healthy eating and exercise. So I can't wait till tomorrow to get back on track with the gym. Since we came back from out of town on Friday we went to a birthday party at Mr Gattis, went out dancing and got shitfaced, went to Mom's and had some home made cooking, so the WHOLE week was a disaster, dietwise. But you can't keep beating yourself up for things you can't change. I cleaned my slate clean last night and I'm starting fresh again.

They made me drink.
Today is Mommy & Me Monday so Im going to update you on the little guy:

- Finished his centerpieces for his birthday party.

Bought the pails, ribbon, marbles, and dowels at Hobby Lobby. The paper plates are from Birday Express.

- We are currently trying to teach him to write the letter A. (All he does is draw circles and squiggles though.)
- STILL haven't bought him his Christmas present...Any ideas on the latest toddler toys?
- His grandparents and aunts from Mexico gave him more candy in 4 days than I have given him in his lifetime.  :0

Adryan with two of his aunts.

- Also, his grandpa was trying to reach him how to rope cattle! Too cute!

- I gave him sliced pear for the first time, and for some reason he calls it cheese. I have no idea why.
That's an update on Adryan.

Changing the subject, I designed our Christmas card but still haven't gotten around to printing them. I may just have to email them this year! It's just not the same though!! I better get to it!

Happy Monday!

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