Tuesday, December 4, 2012


So I haven't blogged in a while but I can't seem to get a post together that makes sense... (At least to my readers, cause I know exactly what I mean even though I may seem like I only finished 8 th grade with my sucky grammar and writing skills). Anywho, I thought I would update all of my 3 readers on what's been going down since my last post.

My Thanksgiving went just as expected. I always get stuck saying grace cause apparently no one else can say thanks to God for a warm meal. After grace, this is pretty much what happened: No counting calories, no watching what went in my mouth, managing to get up for seconds even though I was full about halfway through my first, drinking straight shots of tequila, dancing in my chair, yelling singing at the top of my lungs, then passing out face down at around 11 pm. Didn't even make it to midnight. Sounds exciting huh? This year we spent the whole day at my in-laws because my parents are too cool for Thanksgiving and they took off on a road trip hitting Ruidoso, the Grand Canyon and Vegas. This was something new to me cause they've never been away during the holidays. But I survived, drowning in shots of tequila.
Our beautful little family on Thanksgiving.
Weight Update
It's been about a month and my weight has stayed pretty much the same. I might gain or lose a pound or two but pretty much the scale is stuck on 195 lbs. What the hell is going on? That's a good question cause I don't really know the answer. All I know is that my routine is solid. Still getting up at the wee hours of the morning 4 times a week, still trying to eat somewhat healthy, still determined. So I don't get it. Gotta keep it going though. One day I'll get over this damn hump.

Mustache Bash
My little man is turning 3 next month so I am in full party mode. His theme this year is the famous "Mustache Bash" and I'm using red, aqua, and black as my color scheme. This is his first official birthday party. His two other birthdays were at Mr Gatti's (one planned and in a party room, the other just kinda happened while we took him out to eat there- he loves pizza). I say first OFFICIAL because I felt pressured for time on his first birthday. They only give you two hours! Also, the decor was minimal. They don't let you put anything on the walls, so he didn't have a set theme. This year is the first time I feel somewhat in control of every detail. The food, decor, entertainment, invitations (which I made of course). Let's all bow our heads and pray its not a disaster. Amen.
I will somehow be incorporating this pic as a centerpeice on the tables.

Baby it's cold outside...not.
It's December and it getting closer to Christmas and its as hot as July! Ok I exaggerate, but it is in the high 60s, mid 70s. What the heck? Strange times my friends... But hey, it IS Texas. I wouldn't expect anything less from you oh friendly state. I think we should change the saying "Everything's bigger in Texas" to "Everything's hotter in Texas." Geeze. So that about sums up what's been going on around these parts of town.

Mama Laughlin's Pay It Forward
Also if you havent checked out Mama Laughlin's Blog lately, she and two friends are doing a great deed for the holidays. Just make sure to grab a tissue or two before reading the stories! And of course, if you or ayone you know i.e. your boss can help these people in any way, please do! Anyways, full deets on Mama Laughlin's blog!

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