Thursday, October 11, 2012

Instagram saved my life.

I sit back and wonder sometimes what it is that keeps me motivated to keep making healthy decisions and what has really brought me to where I am today. And honestly I have to say that Instagram has truly played a big part in my life and has changed my mindset completely about accomplishing weight goals. Especially for an average gal like me. Everyday that I log into my Instagram account I see progress pictures, healthy recipes, and motivational quotes from other girls that have been through or are currently going through a weight loss journey. I try to "Follow" other women who work out and eat healthy to keep my motivation on point. I owe a lot of these women my sucxess, and many of them don't even know I exist, but they are a big part of this stage in my life. I remember when I used to see "Before and After" pics and wished someday I could accomplish something so grand. But I only wished, and never did absolutely nothing about it. And now, I'm actually becoming a success story. Little by little with the help of an app on my phone! I wish I could thank each and every person that I've come across on Instagram personally. They have pushed me a little farther, just by looking at their pictures and reading their stories. Blessings and miracles come in the strangest ways, and I truly believe Instagram couldn't have come into my life at a better time. These people on this app were put in my path for a reason, and I'm taking it and running with it. So to those of you I follow and happen to come across my blog...Thank You. You have done much more than you know.

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