Wednesday, December 5, 2012

Gym Problems & More News

Usually, when I go to the gym I am by myself in the women's area and I can sing along to the music in my headphones and maybe even throw in some John Travolta moves in front of the mirror. Taking pics while working out is not awkward because, who is there to judge me? But then there's days when the two elderly women are there...sweet as can be, but annoying as fuck. They talk to me while I have my headphones in. Most.annoying.thing.ever! And not to mention they break my concentration and it makes my trip to the gym worthless. I smile at them and try to be as polite as possible, but damnet, on the inside I just want to tell them to shut the eff up. This happened to me today for the first 20 minutes of my workout and I was so glad when it was time for little old grandmas medication. Don't get me wrong, I like to meet new people and talk about random stuff, but not when I'm in my zone at the gym. My headphones clearly mean "Don't bother me, I'm busy." Sheesh.

Also, today was leg day and I swear I'm going to need a walker before the day is over. Maybe I can ask one of the little old ladies if I can borrow one.

In other news, my little man has been ill this week. Fever, cough, runny nose, vomit, the whole nine yards. I've been giving him Pedialite and soups cause he can hardly keep anything down. Poor baby, I miss getting on to him for jumping on the bed or not putting up his toys. I'm hoping he gets better by Saturday cause it's my niece's first birthday. I would hate to see him missing out on the fun. Fingers crossed!

Yesterday I forgot to post about our trip to Starlight Village in Odessa last Friday. Its our yealy tradition during the holidays. Basically they string up lights and wires inside a park to make Christmas figures and the sight is breathtaking aftrer dark! (Dr Seuss much...) Anyways, this is the first year that Little Adryan gets into the spirit of things. In the past, he jut enjoys the ride through the park in his stroller. This time though, he got outof his stroller, ohhed, ahhed, and pointed out the lights. It was way too cute, and worth our trip.

Oh! Last thing I promise! We I put up the Christmas tree a few days before Thanksgiving (dont judge me). It was the 1st time I used mesh to wrap around the tree and I gotta say it looks awesomesauce! Heres a couple of pics of the tree. Nothing fancy, but definitely festive.

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