Friday, October 12, 2012

Haters, don't hold your breath.

Like I've mentioned before, I get tons of support from my hubby, but the rest of my immediate family and friends are also very happy with my recent transformations. As for others who I thought were friends or "family" I can't help but sense a wave of jealousy. And I may be wrong but I feel like some of these people are only waiting for me to fail. Some look me up and down and only ask, " So are you still going to the gym?" Or "You're STILL on that diet?!" (By the way I hate the "d" word. Some people don't understand its become my lifestyle) Instead of saying stuff like "You look great!" Or "I'm proud of you!" I can just feel the stares. And its uncomfortable because I want to feel reasured. I want them to praise me. Is that too much to ask? But I let them stare and wait for me to fail. I just hope they're not holding their breath cause I'm in it for the long run. Sure I may have my bad days or weeks but I know I will eventually get back on track and that my body can do whatever my brain wants it to do. I'm going to do this, with or without the haters.

Have an awesome Saturday!

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