Tuesday, June 18, 2013

Letter to my Daddy

In honor of Father's Day having been this past weekend, and today being my dad's birthday, I'm writing him a letter.

First of all I want to wish you a happy birthday and may we have you around for many more years to come.
Thank you for all you've done and continue to do. You have taught me to be a generous person and to lend a hand where it's needed. You are one of the most selfless and giving persons I know.  You are always helping without asking for anything in return. I look up to you for that and for many other traits that you show.
I want to thank you for an amazing childhood. Providing for your family has always been your top priority. Thanks to you and Mom, there was always a hot meal waiting for us when we got home. We always had clothes on our backs, even if it was from secondhand stores.
There's not a stranger you haven't met. I admire your small talk skills and you can make a friend with just about anyone.
Many people are fortunate enough to call you their friend, coworker, brother, uncle, etc. , but I'm blessed to call you Dad.
Forever your princess,

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