Wednesday, June 19, 2013

Baby Talk, Weight Gain and Vacation

With Adryan being three years old, people are starting to ask me if and when I'll be popping another one out. I also get a lot of people ask me if I'm afraid of gaining all the weight I've lost recently if I were to get pregnant again.

The answer to the first question:
I'm not planning on having another baby anytime soon because I feel I have my hands full with Adryan. As of now, all the attention I could possibly give a child is going towards my son and I don't think I really want to change that FOR NOW. Does that mean I won't change my mind here in the next few months?  Absolutely not! My husband and I are very spontaneous. We could decide one thing today and do the complete opposite tomorrow.  As I'm writing this post though,  no plans for Baby numero dos. One reason why I've waited so long to make up my mind is because our house is currently under construction (It has been for the last 3 years), and we only have one bedroom for now. Which means Adryan has been sleeping with us since birth and I just can't imagine adding another kid into the mix just yet. 

The answer to the second question:

I am by no means afraid of a little weight gain during pregnancy. I guess it's because I have learned how to properly maintain and lose weight. If I've lost 50 plus pounds on my own, surely I can handle some post pregnancy weight. I can still do some light exercise during pregnancy, which I plan on doing if/when the time comes. Besides, I would be selfish and vain if pregnancy weight gain was reason enough to shut down the baby factory for good. I guess it all just boils down to the right timing, or just me simply forgetting to take my birth control pills.
On to vacation talk. 

I took my brother and my very soon to be sister in law to the airport this morning. They have to leave a couple of days earlier than us to meet up with the wedding planner and make sure everything is ready for their big day on Saturday. Also, their bachelor/bachelorette parties are tomorrow night. We won't be able to attend cause of some job related issues with my husband and all around lack of planning on my part. We leave Friday at noon and I'm starting to get a little nervous. This will be my first time ever to get on a plane so my anxiety level is at about an 8 out of 10. I'm scared, but nonetheless,  very excited. I can't wait to see my little brother get hitched!
Our resort is an all inclusive package which means all you can eat and drink so here's my forewarning. I do not plan on keeping track of my eating and exercise while im there. I  fully expect to gain some weight, but I'm okay with that because it's not every day you get that type of luxury. I do, however, plan to get back to my routine once we get back. This time I want to start counting calories again (which I haven't done in months), exercise more, and set mini goals each month. Enough of being at a plateau. 
That being said...
It's time I try and fit all my crap into a few pieces of luggage without hitting the 50 lb weight limit on any of them. Challenge accepted.

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