Wednesday, July 11, 2012

Weigh-in Wednesday.

My first official Weigh in is today and I'm so nervous to post my weight for the whole world to see. This has always been a subject I avoid. But Im hoping this will one day be a number I can look back at and say, " Wow! I can't believe I went from THAT to THIS!" So here goes nothing... Current weight: 226 lbs. That's a whopping number! On a lighter note... litteraly, went to Zumba class this morning and was inspired by the instructor who says that she has lost a total of 110 lbs within a year and a half!!! wow! So I'm determined to work hard to get into shape. I guess its true what they say. " if it were easy, everyone would do it." My weak point though is dinner time. I can do good all day and eat right but as soon as dinner time rolls around, I want to make a fattening meal for my husband in appreciation for working hard all day. So he is greeted by a hot, calorific meal that not only does he enjoy, but I also don't mind. How can I beat temptation? Soft tacos for dinner tonight! ...See what I mean?! Help!

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