Tuesday, July 17, 2012

Typical Tuesday

Here's to the bitches who  read my blog but don't subscribe! Thanks for taking a little time to read my blog. And I know there's some out there according to my Blog View Counter. So anyways, today was just another Tuesday. I went to my morning zumba class. I'm comfortable enough to say its a part of my life now after 3 months of going at least twice a week. And when I do it, its such a great feeling of accomplishment and I have yet to regret a session. The feeling of empowerment after a workout is so rewarding, I don't know if there's a feeling that can compare.
So, I have the excercise down, I just need to find an eating plan that works for me. Does anybody have any tips they might want to share about the way they stay on track? Any advice is greatly appreciated.

I found this little poem about stretch marks today... Made me all tingly inside! Enjoy!

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