Monday, July 16, 2012

Monday Madness

Hello ya'll! And when I say "yall" I really mean "me" since I have no followers! Anyways, I had a pretty relaxed weekend. I tried to be good and regulate my calorie intake but um, wasn't all that successful at it. And to make matters worse, I didn't go to zumba today cause my pillow grew arms and wouldn't let me get up. So, I'm going on a mini vacation this weekend to San Antonio and guess what I got in the mail? Jury duty on the day I'm supposed to get back from vacation!! So today I went to the courthouse and claimed an exemption, and just like that I'm off the hook (for now). Also, I went to Hobby Lobby cause over the weekend a friend posted a deco mesh wreath on her Instagram and I fell in love!! So I looked at a couple of tutorials online to see how to make them and guess what... I made my very own, very first deco mesh wreath! I have a ways to go to make them look all pretty and full but hey I thought it looked pretty damn good for my first try!!

Pretty cute huh?? Yea I know its a bit lopsided but dont get on my case!! Like I said its my first one! I can only get better from here!
Anyways, here is a few pics from my weekend...
 Me and my little one!
Aliyah (my neice) and Adryan (my son)

More of me since i havent posted any pics of myself since i started the blog last week. So at least now you have an idea of who I am and a little bit more of my offline life. Enjoy! And have a happy Monday!

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