Tuesday, July 10, 2012

It all has to start somewhere.

And so my journey starts here. I won't post my weight till tomorrow. Wednesdays will be my official Weigh-in Wednesdays. But I will tell you I'm well over 200 pounds. Ugh that sounds terrible but I'm here to be honest with myself and with the rest of the bloggiverse. Weight has always been somewhat of an issue with me but it has gotten to its boiling point this past year. I gained about 40 pounds with my pregnancy, but my son is now two and a half and I can no longer use him as an excuse. If that weren't enough, I've probably added an extra 10-15 lbs without anybody's help. To top it all off with fucking whipped cream and a cherry, my husband was blessed with "lean genes" so next to him I look twice as bad. I don't really have a plan as to how I'm going to lose all this extra weight, but I do know that my goal is 170 lbs and to be a size 8. I forgot to mention I'm tall (5'9) and that's probably around the weight and size I should be without looking like I'm on crack. I'm currently wearing a size 14 or 16 depending on the fit. I want to try to start eating healthy, no fad diets and maybe squeeze more weekdays in the gym. Anyone have any good ways to lose weight and keep it off? Any success stories to help me get motivated?

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