Wednesday, January 23, 2013


Yesterday I decided to challenge myself by seeing in how much time I could finish a mile. Of course my intention was to run most of the way but knew in my mind it was impossible and that I would have to stop every now and then to catch my breath. And just as I thought, I completed a mile in like 13.5 minutes by jogging and walking just like I expected myself to. I was beat when I finished. I thought to myself that there was just no way that I could beat that time. I felt like I had pushed myself to the extreme and that I would never be able to run a long distance without stopping. Running was just not for me. Then, today happened. I got to the gym, determined to at least tie with my previous time, remembering I had exerted myself to the fullest yesterday. (Or so I thought ). Never did I imagine that when I began to jog at 35 seconds that I wouldn't stop until I completed my mile! My body demanded me to stop so many different times, but I didn't listen. I just kept running. I ran through the aches, the uncomfortable feeling, the shortness of breath, and the heaviness I felt in my feet. The voice inside my head kept telling me to push myself harder and to not quit. Earphones in, I got lost in the music and tried to concentrate on something other than what I was doing at the time. Before I knew it, I looked down at the distance and I only had like .30 of the mile to go. I thought about quitting, I thought about saying 'Well, I ran 3/4 of a mile without stopping.' But something came over me and my breathing was finally controlled, my pace was on point, and my aches were gone. That was when I knew I could go longer. I knew I could finish that mile without stopping. I had it. 11.13 was my time. And when that mile was over I felt so proud of myself and wished someone was in that training room to witness my glory. I couldn't believe it. Just a day ago I was doubting my  skills and here I was today a totally different person. Now, I can't wait till tomorrow to see if maybe I can run that sucker under 10 minutes.
I just felt like sharing todays triumph with you guys because sometimes we doubt ourselves and set our limits too low, for fear that we won't accomplish that goal. Never fear trying something new. You never know how you can amaze yourself with the things your body is capable of. Let your dreams take flight and never let anyone, especially YOURSeLF, that certain goals are unattainable. Everything is possible with a little change of heart.

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