Tuesday, September 10, 2013

Why I'm In A Plateau

So, as many of you have heard me bitch, I am in a plateau. First of all, what is a plateau? Its when you are stuck at a certain weight during your weight loss journey. Second of all, I've been stuck between 172-177 for, oh I don't know, the past 5- 6 months. It's so frustrating because my body has grown accustomed to the workouts that were once so hard to achieve.
In these past few months, I have also become a little more lenient with my journey. I used to be so strict on myself every single day. Now, I still beat myself up over food choices and workouts... but only during the weekdays. That means the WEEKENDS are the culprits for the damage done.
Okay, so maybe not the weekends themselves, but my willpower on those days. I make up excuses like "I deserve to rest on the weekends because I work so hard during the week." With that mindset I indulge in BBQs, booze, and anything unhealthy I can get my hands on. to top it all off, I don't workout al all on Saturdays and Sundays.
So I ask myself why I keep crying over the fact that I'm in a plateau, if I know exactly why Im stuck where I am. I have to change my mindset and treat the weekends as any other weekday. These are some steps I've been taking this month to stay focused.
The biggest step is meal prepping.
Its unknown territory for me but I've been doing it for the past couple of weeks and it feels good to have all my meals prepped for the week. Also, there is no excuse to go grab something "fast" to eat over the weekends. Prepped meals are as fast as you can get. Just stick in the microwave for a couple of minutes, and ta-da, fast and healthy meal straight from your own kitchen. I've only been prepping for Monday-Friday, but this week I'm taking it up a notch and prepping for the ENTIRE week. Even if it means having to use someone's microwave and pass up on the mouthwatering crappy foods.
Next: Staying hydrated. I've increased my water intake this month also. I t helps keep me full and alert. I've also added Spark into the mix. An awesome friend hooked me up with free products just for referring some people to her. I've never tried Advocare (except for the Spark Energy Drink), but I have seen some amazing results from so many people. If you need a distributor, let me know and I can give her your information!
Also, I had been on Herbablife for a while maybe about 4 months ago. It really helped me stay in check with maintaining my weight. So this month, I'm back on it. One meal replacement shake a day is all I need. Now, I know the plan says to replace two meals a day for successful weightloss, but personally, I feel like I'm missing out on too many nutrients when I do two a day, so I'm sticking to one shake.

Lastly, I am increasing my weight lifting sessions. They say muscle burns more calories, so I am determined to build more muscle.
Hoping I can break my plateau with these little steps Im taking this month. I'll check in next moth around this time for an update. I would really love to break into the 160s... but we will see.

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