Wednesday, September 4, 2013

Mother of the Year

Being a Stay-at-home mom has really gotten to me lately. Not that I don't love spending every waking minute with my toddler, I just feel I can be doing more productive things with my life, like getting a job, and feeling more content with myself. I'm to the point where I love my son dearly, but I need to find him a good school so he can get his learn on and Momma can catch a break. Is it so wrong that I need time to myself?? As I type this, I feel guilty about the fact that I'd rather be working than tending to my motherly and wifely duties, so today's post is me ranting and boasting about me falling off the wagon lately. Hopefully some of you can relate. If not just go ahead and crown me Worst Mother of the Year.

I can't seem to keep Adryan out of trouble any more. He has suddenly become obsessed with ropes and ties. The other day, while I was folding laundry, he tied my shoelaces from both my shoes together into all sorts of knots and ties. took me like 20 minutes to undo them! That's not all. he will take the shoelaces off some of my shoes and tie them around stuff like cabinet door knobs, his toys, and sometimes I even have to help him untie his wrist from his ankle. Sigh. I may just be dealing with a future Christian Grey ladies, so keep your daughters locked up.
It seems like he is going through a massive growth spurt because that child is hungry 24/7. He will eat all day if I allow it, which I usually do because if I don't, I feel I'm making him go hungry or depriving him from a basic need. So I basically live in the kitchen tending to his every growing pain.
My husband definitely gets it easier. He works all day and comes home to a more calm setting. I'm the one who deals with the hectic chaos all day, all week. On top of caring for a three year old, I still tend to the house cleaning, the cooking, and somehow manage to fit in my one hour gym sessions and take a shower. Sometimes there is no shower until right before I go to bed.
Ive planned lunch on four different occasions lately, and I've only managed to actually go to lunch one out of those four times. My mind is usually filled with other crap I have to remember, that I forget to tend to little things like a nice lunch out with a friend.


With that being said, I love my munchkin and I do admit he is growing up way too fast. Surely once we get a schedule going, our days wont be so hectic.

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  1. I hear ya! I actually work part time and I love it! ;)