Thursday, March 21, 2013

Changes That Come With Losing Weight

About 45 lb loss
<p>&lt;p&gt;I took a little trip down Memory Lane. I thought about the changes that have come with my weightloss, (besides my apperance). &lt;br&gt;<br>
Starting off with a topic that usually is more taboo than anything: Sex. At my heavier weight, I remember having little or no sex drive at all. It just felt awkward and I was so self concious about the situation. Sex wasn't fun for me. It just reminded me of how fat I was. The more I could talk my husband out of doing it, the better. Even when I &lt;i&gt;was&lt;/i&gt; in the mood, I never felt like I had enough sex appeal or confidence to approach him about it. Almost a year into my weight loss journey and I am proud to say that the sex is awesome! Of course I'm still a little self concious about my midsection but I am in a much better place than I have been for the past 2-3 years. I have gained so much confidence in myself that doing the deed has become less of an problem and more of an enjoyable intimate moment with my husband. I have to give props to him because he never made me feel uncomfortable about having sex. Even at my heaviest he never once had anything negative to say- even though he may have been thinking it. But I know for a fact that he likes the new me (in progress) better because he has told me that he sees that I'm more comfortable with myself. And I am. &lt;br&gt;<br>

What I typically wear now on a date or a day out.
What I used to wear out when I was concious about my weight. Just a top and jeans.
Oh and I tried hiding my midsection behind people.

Another big change that has just recently started to take place is my love for clothes. I used to hide my fat under jeans and tees. I would hardly ever go shopping because I was afraid of having to try on a bigger size of clothes. I lived in the same outfits and of course flat shoes cause what's worse than a fat girl trying to be fashionable? A fat girl who already feels awkward with her weight and height and add some wedges or heels to the mix. Never. At least that's how I felt about myself. I remember going out dancing with my husband and seeing all these pretty girls with cute dresses and heels. And here I was wearing jeans, a 'dressy' top and flats. I was already fatter than my husband- I didn't want to be taller too. Lately, I've been shopping for clothes a lot more and my love for heels keeps growing. I am no longer embarrassed about my height. I wear my heels proudly even though I may be a couple inches taller than my hubbs with them on. Cause I know I look damn good! Dresses used to be a big no-no. Now they are a must for a night on the town. <br>
Pictures! I have always had a love for taking pictures. I just love the camera. But back when I was bigger I remember having to take like 5 or 6 takes of the same thing cause 'My face looks too fat!' Or 'Let me suck it in!' And I would hide behind people to cover my tummy area. Now I love taking selfies in the mirror, and uploading them to Instagram (as some of yall know). Where there's a photo op, there's me!<br>
All of this goes hand in hand with my confidence. I used to walk with a slump, now I walk tall and proud. I'm more outgoing than I was before and I'm not as hesitant about speaking my mind. I am loving all these changes that I keep discovering in myself and hope to never go back to my old ways. <br>
Losing weight not only helps your appearance, it allows your real personality to shine through and show the real you!

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